Are you frustrated with failed change efforts at your school? Are you tired of the same old timeworn programs-built upon and within an obsolete educational paradigm? Are you looking to add a boost to your teaching repertoire that will prepare your students for learning, work, and citizenship in the 21st century? If yes, JEMUN can help with our online Model United Nations courses for students and teachers. 

JEMUN has developed a unique and powerful Model United Nations process that emphasizes cooperation and consensus building over competition.  This approach to problem solving and intercultural communication is being used successfully at our Model United Nations conferences. 

If you are a high school or university educator interested in adding our collaborative Model United Nations approach to your teaching repertoire or your school's curriculum, check out our online MUN conference preparation courses. 

Features and Benefits of our MUN Courses

  • Multimedia Content

    Our MUN preparation courses include videos, photos, illustrations and other multimedia content to keep students engaged.

  • Discussion Board

    Our online discussion boards allow students to share their ideas, questions, and opinions.

  • ESL/EFL Support

    With a goal of offering inclusive simulations, Our MUN preparation courses provide extra support for ESL and EFL learners.

  • Flexible

    Students can use the online preparation courses in the classroom with their teacher or outside of the classroom on their own.

  • MUN Rules Training

    Our online courses provide students with a firm understanding of JEMUN meeting rules and steps.

  • Focus on SDGs

    Our MUN simulations are closely connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.